What is Channeling?

Lisa Marie Toal
Wikipedia‘s[1] definition of channeling is a term used in reference to the claimed process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits.  It also describes two different types of channeling, conscious channeling and trance channeling.  Conscious channeling is the process of connecting with spirits and communicating their information to the querent or client.  The medium or channel is completely conscious and aware of what is happening and is merely having a conversation with the spirit world.  They communicate using a variety of senses such as; seeing and interpreting pictures, hearing voices, or through a feeling or knowing of the information to be passed on.  Trance channeling is where the channel goes into an unconscious or trance like state and another being enters the body and speaks through it.  There are varying degrees of trance defined by different levels of unconsciousness.  In a full trance, there will be a slowing of the breathing and heart rate and they may not experience pain or touch on their physical body.  One of the misconceptions of channeling is that the channel, or medium, leaves their body entirely.  This is simply not the case.  Channeling is not a possession or a spirit taking complete control of the body.  Channeling is a sharing or partnership between the spirit and the medium.  It is a way for the spirit to communicate information to the Earth plane.  Every channel is different and will channel at different or varying degrees depending on physical, emotional or spiritual affects on the channel themselves.

I am a trance channel.  Aksun plugs into my transmedium channels[2] and speaks through me.  He does not take over my entire body.  He only controls my head and neck.  There have been only a few times that he has moved my hands.  There have been times where I am more conscious and can remember what he said and other times I am fully unconscious and do not remember a thing.  I mainly channel Aksun, my master guide, but I have channeled other beings as well.  Each Being is different in what I see or feel but the experience overall is similar to each other.  I sometimes channel through automatic writing.  Automatic writing is a combination of mediumship and channeling.  It is the process of clearing the mind, connecting to Spirit and allowing the thoughts to flow through the mind and your hand, and you write.  It is not as exhausting as trance channeling and you can still receive amazing information.  Automatic writing was handed down to me, hereditarily, from my Great Grandmother Viola.  She wrote beautifully, well into her 90’s.

Why channel?  We channel for many reasons but ultimately we channel to receive information about universal truths, the Earth, predictions and our life path.  It is a connection to other dimensions and realities.  It can provide us with wonderful information about our own lives and also about global issues that we need to be prepared for and sometimes how even to prevent these issues altogether.   One of the common denominators with all of the Beings that I have channeled is that they all come from an energetic place of love and joy.  They all love us very much and they not only tell you this but you can truly feel it when you are in their presence.  Almost everyone I have channeled in front of has showed emotion in some way because of the powerful presence and love from the Being sharing my space.  These Beings also honor us.  They respect us for choosing to come back to Earth in a body when it is not something we have to do.  They are always excited to get the chance to be in a physical form and are very respectful of my body and my space.  Aksun Shaman ensures that no being can come into my space unless they are “of the light” and will reprimand any being who is not respectful of my energy or my physical body.  There have even been times when he notices something is wrong with my physical body (one time specifically I had terrible stomach pain and he pointed this out) and he will take action to correct it, even if it means leaving my body to fix it.

Channeling is a very interesting phenomenon and one that still fascinates me every time I experience it.  I would not recommend trying it alone (even if only to ensure you record or remember what was said) but more importantly, to ensure your safety during entry and exit of the being.  Some people are natural channels and others have to work at it. If you are interested in learning how to channel further; I recommend, “Opening to Channel”, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. 

[1] Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project. Wikipedia's articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.  Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world.

[2] Transmedium channels run down either side of the spine, beginning at the base of the skull and ending just below the shoulder.

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