The Element of Water with Wellyssa Spellsong

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The Element of Water. Join Wellyssa Spellsong of Omphalos Circle LLC., Rocky Mountain School of Wicca and Witchcraft as we learn about the element of water. We discussed and experienced the element of Air in January, and the Element of Fire in March. We are now past the equinox moving towards high Summer, and WATER! Is what we need. Without water, the seeds planted in the spring, during the season of rising fire, will not thrive. In this 2 hour class we’ll discuss the element of water from a Pagan and Wiccan religious perspective, as well as the use of water in magical working and spellcraft. If your spells fall short, water may be missing. We’ll discuss how we engage with, or experience the element of water in our physical lives; what are the powers of water; how do we develop knowledge and relationship with the animals and various elemental beings who represent the water aspect. We’ll finish this class in meditation with the elementals of water to experience their energies.
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