What are Chakras and Why are They Important?

April Lamb

The word ‘chakra’ is an ancient sanskrit term which means ‘wheels’. It is believed that there are 7 main chakras that house many functions in the human body (although it is also believed that there are actually thousands that surround our energetic body as well). Each is significant in their own right and responsibility. These energy ‘wheels’ are set to send and receive messages from the various levels of our mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies that extend out from our physical body. The seven main chakras include: the crown (located at the top of the head), the brow or third eye chakra (located between and just above your physical eyes), the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra (located approx. 4 fingers wide just above your belly button), the sacral chakra (located approx. 3-4 fingers wide and just below your belly button) and finally your root chakra (located in the area of your genitals or base of the spine). Each chakra has its own color, musical note, vibrational resonance, body organ responsibility, and signs of over-activity and under-activity that result in dis-ease as a result.

What can I do to access them?

When an emotional/mental component is felt or sensed in any of these areas, the best approach is to pay attention to our bodies and what those senses are conveying to us rather than denying or numbing them with outside influences (i.e. drugs, alcohol or other people’s sometimes ‘unwell’ opinions). When we choose to ignore the promptings that present themselves to us, it can inevitably show up in the physical body as a ‘wake up’ call. Grounding our energy to Mother Earth is the most important exercise that we can do in order to manifest a peaceful, healing atmosphere within us. When we allow our energy to ‘merge’ with the Earth it brings along with it a generator of amplifying energy but also a ‘garbage can’ in order for any un-serving energies to be released back to the Earth for regeneration and recycling (For example, we breathe out carbon dioxide and She takes that in and transmutes it into Oxygen for us to breathe and continuing living on this planet.). Utilizing our breath during this process of exchange brings with it the awareness that we are living beings on this planet born with the ability to carry forth our Divine nature and move the energy ‘through us’ with an Intent to where we desire it to go and create. Combining grounding with the Divine Love and Light opens up the opportunity for us to intentionally take charge of our healing while ‘cleaning out the old’ in order to welcome the new that our Higher Self is more than happy to assist with at this time of Great Awakening.

How is this helpful on my healing journey?

When any practice combines focused intent on our ‘inner world’ while creating a balanced and well-oiled machine in our outer world, the result is a calm, centered, and non-reactive experience. At this time on the planet, the example given is so important to maintain. It can become very challenging when we have issues that arise that are out of our control.  However, when we are diligent in our own healing of old traumatic wounds that no longer serve our paths, we allow our healing process that much more of a success rate to be present. In so doing, we assist in raising our vibration (and thus the vibration of the planet) by just allowing ourselves to be a part of this healing process.

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