Sean McNamara
Telekinesis class is a blend of adventure, altered states of consciousness, and group encouragement. People usually come because they want to see if they can actually move an object with their minds, and leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and the nature of reality. As a meditation teacher, I believe that telekinesis represents the intersection of science and spirituality. It has elements of meditation in it, since the instructions for deep relaxation invoke the altered state required to promote the flow of energy. Because of this, telekinesis is a thoroughly enjoyable process. Also, it illustrates the notion of interconnectedness because the mind reaches across space somehow, making visible contact with the physical world. Quantum physics usually makes its way into the conversation as well.
Some people ascribe telekinesis to the realm of the paranormal. Yet, after experiencing it personally, it's seems quite normal. Even though we still don't know exactly which type of subtle energy we produce to create the effect, it feels as natural as eating and breathing after getting the hang of it. One could say the same thing about any metaphysical phenomenon like clairvoyance, mediumship, or dowsing. The gift of telekinesis is that it can be learned and actualized in a very short period of time. Within two hours, everyone in the class is able to move the object just by looking at it. Some people are even able to move it from several feet away, or from outside the room. For many people, telekinesis is a gateway. After practicing on their own for some time, people have reported their other psychic abilities awakening.
The group itself makes the learning process so quick and effective. Together, we form a supportive field of consciousness. When one person succeeds by setting aside their doubts and releasing their analytical mind, this gives the other participants the confidence that they can do it too. If we define "faith" as one's ability to set aside hesitation and take a chance, then we give each other this faith. Seeing is believing, and believing leads to doing
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